An open gate and candles with incense

Personalized ceremonies to honour rites of passage.

Gateways symbolize both an entrance and an exit. Ceremonies for life's key transitions can be designed to mark a fresh beginning, acknowledge a poignant step along the pathway or/and celebrate your completion of a rite of passage. Whether you are entering or exiting, or in the midst of a transformation yet to be revealed, consider honouring this valuable passage with a personalize ceremony – your way, your style.

Coming of Age        Moon-time         Menopause and Croning

Graduation         Significant Birthdays         Anniversaries

Retirement        Separation         Divorce


"Paula has a passion for people coming together in celebration. She has a lifetime of curiosity in culture, tradition and ritual. With this, Paula creates some wonderful ceremonies to acknowledge and help mark important times in someone’s life. I've been witness to ceremonies around birth, death, and commitment ceremony. All of these had a unique and personal feel. I would recommend Paula for all types of ceremonies."

Ana G