Fees are based on times for consultation, writing, researching, preparing ritual elements and travel. We begin the process with a telephone, Skype or face to face (preferable) meeting depending on your location and the time available prior to the ceremony. Funerals, for example, may only have a short time before the service or contributors may live a great distance away. An interview and questionnaire help to garner the necessary information I create from. You are encouraged to suggest prose or poetry, as well as, other elements such as music, readers and musicians that you wish to include in the ceremony.

Preparation time varies from 4 to 30+ hours for each hour of ceremony. My fees range from $250 to $1,000, however, the average cost for a ceremony is $400.00 - please note fees do not include travel expensives.

All fees will be explained during our initial complementary consultation, prior to signing an agreement.

Paula Marie Skalnek ~ Certified Life Cycle Celebrant ~ 778-997-1318