paula profileI became a storyteller, designer of rituals, creator of sacred objects and ceremony facilitator long before I had ever heard the term Celebrant. At the heart of these roles is my desire to connect with others as we pay homage to life.

I am a multi-passionate person.  I dedicate time to explore deeper sources to "fill the well". I am inspired by life experiences, my many teachers and by nature. I seek to enrich my Self and expand my knowledge in order to enhance the lives of others.

As a Clinical Herbal Therapist my work focuses on wellness arising from the inside out which illuminates the interconnectedness of human beings to each other and to nature. My practice helped to build my confidence to trust my instincts with regards to hearing the true essence of a person that wants to be expressed. The heart-print for Contemporary Ceremonies is the respectful use of this wisdom when designing a ceremony.

My career in the beauty industry provides excellent opportunities to develop keen listening skills. For over thirty years, my colourful clientele have trusted me to interpret and create appropriate looks that reflect their personality and sense of style. I am grateful for the lessons in empathy I have been taught through these treasured relationships. A key strength for Contemporary Ceremonies is the empathetic listening  needed to plan, design and facilitate a ceremony that authentically represents the honoree(s).

Parenting, by far, has been my most enriching experience – one that continually challenges me to examine my beliefs as well as build my capacity for understanding and compassion. Friends are also deeply important to me. Through active engagement with my family and friends, I have had the privilege of bringing ceremony and the honouring of life's transitions into my community over the past three decades.

My desire to elevate the integrity of my work with Ceremony led me to certify as a Life Cycle Celebrant with the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. This program deepened my understanding and interpretation of multi-faith, multi-cultural and secular foundations for approaching life's transitions.

I draw from a rich repertoire of ritual elements to ensure that the true spirit of your intentions is conveyed. My mindful approach connects you to your inner knowing and outer aspects of Self, supporting you to stand wholeheartedly in your power. Contemporary Ceremonies helps you to express your truth, your style.

My aim, always, is to create heart-full memories with the reverence and respect you deserve.